Monday, July 27, 2009

Seahawks Fantasy Football: TE John Carlson

John Carlson, a second round pick of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2008 NFL draft. In his rookie season with the Seahawks, Carlson bloomed into one of the top ten tight ends in the National Football League.

In his first season, the rookie out of the University of Notre Damn compliled 627 receiving yards, five touchdown receptions and 55 receptions averaging over 11 yards per catch.

Not only did Carlson have a great statistal season, he broke two Seahawks tight end records and tied another one.

Carlson broke the Seahawks TE receptions record, previously 46. He broke the Seahawks TE receiving yards record, previously 554 yards. He tied the Seahawks TE touchdown recptions record which was held by Jeremy Stevens with five touchdown recptions.

Now Carlson had a great season with primarily a backup quarterback throwing him the ball. Ten games from Seneca Wallace, one game from Charlie Frye and six games from Matt Hasselbeck.

A few weeks ago, Seahawks current starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck came out on the radio saying that people need to pick up John Carlson in their fantasy football draft because he's going to have an even better season that he did in 2008.

Strong words coming from a guy who only played six games with Carlson but knowing Hasselbeck we will have to take his word for it. Fantasy Football rankings list Seahawks Tight End John Carlson as the 10th best available in the National Football League.

He's in great shape for the rest of his bright NFL career. Look for Carlson to have anywhere between 6-9 TD receptions and 800+ receiving yards.

That's with or without Matt Hasselbeck under center.

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