Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seahawks Options at GM

On December 2nd Seahawks President of Football Operations and General Manager Tim Ruskell resigned with only three months left on a five year contract.

There had been reports that the Seahawks wouldn't retain Ruskell after seasons end so Ruskell decided to do the fair thing and not let it drag out any longer.

At the press conference where Ruskell, and Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke talked about the fact that it came down to not winning enough games and that the team wanted and needed to go in a new direction.

Ruskell replaced former Seahawks GM Bob Whitsitt after he was fired in 2005.

Now Tod Leiweke and Paul Allen will have to start their search to find the next man to build the Seahawks and take then to places that they should be, the Super Bowl.

Now as per NFL policy the Seahawks must interview one minority option and others before hiring their official GM. One reason why Mike Holmgren won't just be handed the job.

It's known as the "Rooney Rule".

With that being said here is a list of possible GM's for the Seattle Seahawks.

1) Mike Holmgren- Pretty obvious he would be the first choice in anyone's book, but even more obvious in Seattle. Mike still has a house, family and his own radio show in Seattle on 950 KJR with Dave Maller.

Holmgren was the GM of the Seahawks from 1999-2002 where he created the core of their great Super Bowl team of 2005. Names like Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Darryl Jackson, Steve Hutchinson, Rocky Bernard and others that weren’t around for the Super Bowl but were still great players.

Now with the good came the bad and Holmgren missed bad on a few players like OT Chris McIntosh, WR Koren Robinson (off the field problem), TE Jeremy Stevens (off the field problems) and DE Lamar King all come to mind.

But the good definitely outweigh the bad with Holmgren from a GM stand point. Mike would definitely get rid of Mora, Knapp and everyone on the coaching staff and get the right people in like John Gruden, Jim Zorn and others.

2) Randy Mueller- Mueller, formally of the Miami Dolphins, ESPN and New Orleans Saints was with the Seahawks organization from 1983-1999 until the Seahawks hired Paul Allen, which forced Mueller out of his VP of Football Operations job.

In his time with the Seahawks Mueller drafted Joey Galloway, Walter Jones, Shawn Springs, Pete Kendall, Phillip Daniels and Ahman Green before being replaced by Holmgren.

Mueller would be a great fit with the Seahawks organization, knowing he's been here before and drafted the best player in Seahawks history, LT Walter Jones. He would be great candidate to do a full on rebuild, blow up the roster, keeping the right players here and turning this ship around.

3)Kevin Colbert- From 3-4 there will be more long shot hires but as I continue to look at the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, and especially this season. It looks like they should in a new direction both from a GM stand point and from a head coaching stand point.

Colbert has been the GM of the Steelers since 2000 and during that time they have won two Super Bowl titles (XL, XLIII).

Knowing how great the Steelers organization has been and always has been you know Colbert could do the exact same in Seattle with the Seahawks organization.

And Paul Allen has no bad blood against the Steelers or Dan Rooney or Kevin Colbert like some fans might want to think.

In his time as GM of the Steelers Colbert has drafted WR Plaxico Burress, OT Marvel Smith, DT Casey Hampton, WR Antwaan Randle El, S Troy Polamalu, QB Ben Roethlisberger, OT Max Starks, TE Heath Miller, WR Santonio Holmes, LB Lawrence Timmons and many other great picks in his 10 years in Pittsburgh.

So obviously if you're an organization like the Seahawks, looking to rebuild and have a real winning team that Kevin Colbert would be the best man for the job.

4)Tom Heckert- Heckert has the title of "GM" in Philadelphia but he does not get the final say in any of the player personnel decisions so making the move to the Seattle Seahawks organization he would have all say in all player personnel movement.

With Eagles head coach Andy Reid signing a two year contract extension this season it doesn't make sense for Heckert to stay in Philadelphia where he doesn't have much of a say in the Eagles player movement.

However learning from Reid and the moves that the Eagles have made would make him a great fit in Seattle.

Who known's maybe he could trade Kevin Kolb to the Seahawks and then join the team later this off season.

Heckert would be the final option if the Seahawks misfire on all three choices above.

Whoever does indeed wind up being named the new GM of the Seattle Seahawks organization they will inherit a good team, that needs to get rid of a ton of players, bring in the right players and use the draft picks right.

It will be interesting to see who gets the job.

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